Legislative Scorecard

Ranking Our LegislatorsCommitment to WorkersRights & An Economy That Works for All

Is your local state legislator a champion for working people or a lackey for the 1%? Every fall, the Maine AFL-CIO releases its annual Working Families Legislative Scorecard to inform working people about how their State Representatives and Senators voted on key labor legislation. As working people, we look for the Legislature to:

• Reflect our core values of solidarity and economic justice

• Do everything within its power to support workers and their families

• Take proactive measures to create a just economy

Our Legislative Committee and Executive Board carefully review all the bills that come before the Maine Legislature and select which bills to work on and to score. We hope you find the scorecard useful and that you will use it to hold your state legislators accountable.

So check out your legislators' scores and thank them if they've stood up for workers or express your disappointment if they haven't!

Click here to view the 2019 Maine AFL-CIO Working Families Legislative Scorecard and find out how your legislators voted!

Click here to view the National AFL-CIO's Scorevard to find out how your elected members of Congress Voted.