Summary of Maine AFL-CIO Scored Bills

LD 65: “Right to Work” for Less

“An Act To Ensure the Right To Work without Payment of Dues or Fees to a Labor Union as a Condition of Employment”

Maine AFL-CIO Opposed

Senate Roll Call #391 – House Roll Call #32

Final Outcome: Defeated

So called “Right to Work” laws are designed to weaken unions and drive down wages and working conditions. Under such laws, workers can contribute nothing to a union, yet gain all the benefits and full representation.

Currently in Maine, unions and employers can negotiate contracts where all workers who benefit from a collective bargaining agreement share in the costs of bargaining and representation. Under federal law, no worker is required to join a union, but unions have a duty of fair representation to represent all workers in a bargaining unit, whether they are members or not. LD 65 would make it illegal for employers and employees in both the public and private sector to agree that all workers who benefit from a collective bargaining agreement share in the costs. The Legislature defeated this bill with bipartisan opposition.

LD 66: Union-Busting

“An Act To Prohibit Public Employers from Acting as Collection Agents for Labor Unions”

Maine AFL-CIO Opposed

Senate Roll Call #336 – House Roll Call #322

Final Outcome: Defeated

Workers use payroll deductions for a variety of purposes – charitable donations, bill and loan payments and paying dues to their union. This process for paying union dues is efficient, used routinely and is subject to bargaining. LD 66 would have forbid union members from paying dues in a 21st century manner – through payroll deduction. This bill was another attempt to weaken unions by making it more difficult to operate.

LD 1553: Union Recertification Elections

“An Act To Protect the Rights of Public Employees To Determine Their Collective Bargaining Agent”

Maine AFL-CIO Opposed

Senate Roll Call #277 -- House Roll Call #320

Final Outcome: Defeated

This bill would have required most public sector unions to hold recertification elections every two years about whether the local union should continue to exist. Unions already have regular elections for officers, stewards and other roles and members vote on union contracts and important decisions.

This bill is the equivalent of holding state elections every two years not about who should represent us in the State Legislature or Congress, but about whether we should have a State Legislature or Congress at all, whether we should have a representative form of government at all. This bill is unnecessary, disruptive and insulting to worker’s intelligence and autonomy. It is little more than a politically motivated effort to weaken unions.

LD 390: State Budget & Tax Fairness Referendum

Senate Roll Call #287 – House Roll Call # 293

In November of 2016, Maine voters passed Question 2 at the ballot. Question 2 asked “Do you want to add a 3% tax on individual Maine taxable income above $200,000 to create a state fund that would provide direct support for student learning in kindergarten through 12th grade public education?”

After passage of Question 2, corporate CEOs and the wealthy hired lobbyists to convince legislators to overturn the will of the voters. The Maine AFL-CIO supported the House and Senate budget votes scored here that respected the will of the voters and upheld the tax fairness portion of the referendum by keeping the 3% surcharge on income above $200,000 in law. We are deeply disappointed that the will of the voters was ultimately overturned and that the wealthiest 2% in Maine were given a massive tax break.

LD 1441: Veterans Bill

“An Act To Create Veteran-friendly Workplaces”

Maine AFL-CIO Supported

Senate Roll Call #253 – House Roll Call # 385

Final Outcome: Defeated (Passed by Legislature, Vetoed by Governor)

Too often veterans returning to the workforce cannot attend necessary medical appointments because they do not have sufficient sick leave or vacation. Military service comes with risks, and we believe that integrating back into the workforce shouldn’t come at the expense of a veteran’s physical and mental health.

LD 1441 was brought forward by union veterans. The bill would have made it easier for veterans to attend medical appointments at VA medical facilities by guaranteeing either leave or paid sick time. Unfortunately, the Governor vetoed this bill and the House of Representatives did not override the Governor’s veto.

LD 591: Yield to Bus

An Act To Require Motorists To Yield to Transit Buses”

Maine AFL-CIO Supported

House Roll Call #223 – Senate Roll Call #341

Final Outcome: Defeated (Passed by Legislature, Vetoed by Governor)

Transit bus drivers who are members of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 714 brought forward LD 591. When a transit bus pulls over to drop off or pick up riders, they often have a difficult time re-entering traffic because motorists do not let them back onto the road. This is dangerous because cars attempt to speed past buses and the drivers often have to slam on their brakes, which has resulted in injuries to passengers and motorists. It also causes the bus to fall behind schedule, which is bad for working people who depend on public transportation to run on time.

LD 591 would have given right of way to a transit bus that indicates it is merging back into traffic, requiring motorists to yield. Despite bi-partisan support, Gov. LePage vetoed the bill and the Senate failed to override the veto. Members of ATU 714 worked very hard to pass Yield to Bus and will be back in the future to try again.

LD 182: Ban on toxic flame retardants

“An Act To Protect Firefighters by Establishing a Prohibition on the Sale and Distribution of New Upholstered Furniture Containing Certain Flame-retardant Chemicals”

Maine AFL-CIO Supported

House Roll Call #443 – Senate Roll Call #430

Final Outcome: Passed into Law

Firefighters are getting cancer at rates significantly higher than the general public, and it is directly linked to the burning toxic chemicals they breathe in when fighting fires. These toxic flame retardants are used in upholstered furniture, but have been proven to not actually slow the spread of fires. LD 182 bans the sale of upholstered furniture in Maine that contains these toxic flame retardants beginning in 2018.

The Professional Firefighters of Maine mobilized hundreds of their members, and the bill passed with wide margins in both chambers. Although Governor LePage vetoed LD 182, the Legislature sided with the firefighters and overrode the veto.

LD 1609: Minimum Wage Referendum Repeal

“An Act to Support Maine’s Employers and Encourage Employers to Hire Young Workers”

LD 673: Subminimum Wage for Tipped Workers

An Act To Restore the Tip Credit to Maine’s Minimum Wage Law”

Maine AFL-CIO Opposed LD 1609 & LD 673

House Roll Call #302 (LD 673) and #305 (LD 1609) • Senate Roll Call #246 (LD 673) and #292 (LD 1609)

Final Outcome: LD 673 Passed into Law. LD 1609 Defeated.

The Maine AFL-CIO developed and supported the minimum wage referendum because the costs of housing, food and other necessities have gone up for years while wages have remained stagnant. In November of 2016, more than 420,000 Mainers – 56% of voters – voted to raise wages for working families, tie increases starting in 2021 to the cost of living, and phase out the subminimum minimum wage for tipped workers.

Unfortunately, some legislators tried to overturn the voter approved referendum. LD 1609 would have lowered the minimum wage approved by voters and eliminated the annual cost of living adjustment to the minimum wage. LD 673 repealed the voter approved part of the referendum that ensured tipped workers a regular base wage plus tips. LD 673 passed the Legislature and was signed into law by the Governor. LD 1609 died between the House and Senate.

LD 1358: Public Sector Binding Arbitration

An Act To Improve Public Sector Labor Relations”

Maine AFL-CIO Supported

Senate Roll Call #304 – No House Roll Call

Final Outcome: Defeated

The collective bargaining process seeks to address the fundamental power imbalance between a large employer and an individual worker. For that system to work there needs to be a fair set of rules. Current public sector labor law tilts the rules against workers by not allowing public sector workers the right to strike and by not having binding arbitration on economic issues in the public sector. This means that even after an arbitration decision a public sector employer can simply impose on economic issues.

This bill sought to level the bargaining playing field by making arbitration binding on economic issues like salary, insurances and retirement. This would improve bargaining and outcomes for all.

LD 1382: Responsible Contractor

“An Act To Require Responsible Contracting on Public Construction Projects”

Maine AFL-CIO Supported

No Senate Roll Call – House Roll Call # 289

Final Outcome: Defeated

Responsible contracting laws require that publicly funded construction projects meet certain community benefit standards - such as participation in registered apprenticeship programs to train the next generation of our workforce, following state prevailing wage rates to ensure fair pay, implementing local hire provisions to benefit our community as well as mandating a contractor’s proven and clean record on law compliance – in an effort to protect the state’s investment in our people along with promoting high quality construction and development.

LD 1382 established responsible contractor requirements for publicly funded construction projects that receive state funds in excess of $50,000. The bill passed along party lines in the House and failed in the Senate.


Maine Senate

14 Shenna Bellows of Manchester (D) 100%
20 Eric Brakey of Auburn (R) 0%
25 Catherine Breen of Falmouth (D) 100%
2 Michael Carpenter of Houlton (D) E 89%
24 Brownie Carson of Harpswell (D) 100%
31 Justin Chenette of Saco (D) 100%
27 Benjamin Chipman of Portland (D) 100%
34 Ronald Collins of Wells (R) 20%
10 Andre Cushing of Hampden (R) 10%
16 Scott Cyrway of Benton (R) 50%
4 Paul Davis of Sangerville (R) E 33%
32 Susan Deschambault of Biddeford (D) 90%
26 William Diamond of Windham (D) 80%
5 James Dill of Old Town (D) 90%
28 Mark Dion of Portland (D) 90%
13 Dana Dow of Waldoboro (R) 40%
9 Geoffrey Gratwick of Bangor (D) 100%
19 James Hamper of Oxford (R) 10%
35 Dawn Hill of Cape Neddick (D) 80%
1 Troy Jackson of Allagash (D) 100%
15 Roger Katz of Augusta (R) 50%
18 Lisa Keim of Dixfield (R) E 11%
7 Brian Langley of Ellsworth (R) E 22%
21 Nathan Libby of Lewiston (D) E 100%
6 Joyce Maker of Calais (R) 20%
22 Garrett Mason of Lisbon Falls (R) 10%
29 Rebecca Millett of South Portland (D) 100%
12 David Miramant of Camden (D) 100%
8 Kimberley Rosen of Bucksport (R) 30%
17 Thomas Saviello of Wilton (R) 60%
11 Michael Thibodeau of Winterport (R) 10%
23 Eloise Vitelli of Arrowsic (D) 100%
30 Amy Volk of Scarborough (R) E 22%
3 Rodney Whittemore of Skowhegan (R) E 11%
33 David Woodsome of N. Waterboro (R) 50%

Maine House of Representatives

82 Kent Ackley of Monmouth (C) A 90%
138 Robert Alley of Beals (D) E 89%
107 Betty Austin of Skowhegan (D) 90%
67 Susan Austin of Gray (R) 10%
8 Christopher Babbidge of Kennebunk (D) 100%
14 Donna Bailey of Saco (D) 90%
35 Dillon Bates of Westbrook (D) 90%
33 Kevin Battle of South Portland (I) A A A 60%
93 Pinny Beebe-Center of Rockland (D) 100%
55 Seth Berry of Bowdoinham (D) 100%
63 Bruce Bickford of Auburn (R) 10%
114 Russell Black of Wilton (R) E 22%
3 Lydia Blume of York (D) A 80%
80 Richard Bradstreet of Vassalboro (R) 20%
61 Heidi Brooks of Lewiston (D) 100%
24 Mark Bryant of Windham (D) 100%
130 Richard Campbell of Orrington (R) 40%
127 Barbara Cardone of Bangor (D) 90%
94 Owen Casás of Rockport (I) 80%
68 Richard Cebra of Naples (R) 20%
46 Paul Chace of Durham (R) A 10%
133 Ralph Chapman of Brooksville (U) 100%
42 Benjamin Collings of Portland (D) 100%
47 Janice Cooper of Yarmouth (D) 100%
25 Patrick Corey of Windham (R) 20%
128 Garrel Craig of Brewer (R) 20%
49 Matthea Daughtry of Brunswick (D) 100%
52 Jennifer DeChant of Bath (D) 90%
45 Dale Denno of Cumberland (D) 90%
90 Michael Devin of Newcastle (D) E E E E A E E 75%
72 Kathleen Dillingham of Oxford (R) A A A 20%
85 Donna Doore of Augusta (D) 100%
121 Robert Duchesne of Hudson (D) 90%
122 Michelle Dunphy of Old Town (D) 90%
65 Ellie Espling of New Gloucester (R) 0%
37 Richard Farnsworth of Portland (D) 100%
111 Bradlee Farrin of Norridgewock (R) A A A E 11%
66 Jessica Fay of Raymond (D) 90%
11 Ryan Fecteau of Biddeford (D) 90%
7 Robert Foley of Wells (R) 20%
100 Kenneth Fredette of Newport (R) A A 0%
124 Aaron Frey of Bangor (D) 90%
59 Roger Fuller of Lewiston (D) 100%
34 Drew Gattine of Westbrook (D) A 90%
20 Karen Gerrish of Lebanon (R) 20%
48 Sara Gideon of Freeport (D) 90%
98 James Gillway of Searsport (R) 20%
69 Phyllis Ginzler of Bridgton (R) 10%
60 Jared Golden of Lewiston (D) A 90%
83 Gay Grant of Gardiner (D) 90%
118 Chad Grignon of Athens (R) E E E E E E 25%
12 Martin Grohman of Biddeford (D) A 70%
102 Stacey Guerin of Glenburn (R) A A 0%
101 David Haggan of Hampden (R) 20%
32 Scott Hamann of South Portland (D) A 90%
58 James Handy of Lewiston (D) 100%
142 Sheldon Hanington of Lincoln (R) A 10%
87 Jeffery Hanley of Pittston (R) 10%
36 Denise Harlow of Portland (I) 100%
19 Matthew Harrington of Sanford (R) 40%
113 Lance Harvell of Farmington (R) A A 10%
89 Stephanie Hawke of Boothbay Harbor (R) A 10%
117 Frances Head of Bethel (R) 20%
97 Erin Herbig of Belfast (D) 90%
73 Lloyd Herrick of Paris (R) A 20%
81 Craig Hickman of Winthrop (D) 100%
120 Norman Higgins of Dover-Foxcroft (R) 40%
76 Gary Hilliard of Belgrade (R) A 10%
13 George Hogan of Old Orchard Beach (D) 90%
135 Brian Hubbell of Bar Harbor (D) 90%
4 Patricia Hymanson of York (D) A 80%
145 Chris Johansen of Monticello (R) 0%
41 Erik Jorgensen of Portland (D) A A A 60%
22 Jonathan Kinney of Limington (R) 10%
99 MaryAnne Kinney of Knox (R) E 22%
125 Victoria Kornfield of Bangor (D) 90%
134 Walter Kumiega of Deer Isle (D) 90%
2 Mark Lawrence of Eliot (D) A 90%
137 Lawrence Lockman of Amherst (R) E 0%
109 Thomas Longstaff of Waterville (D) 90%
132 Louis Luchini of Ellsworth (D) 90%
129 Peter Lyford of Eddington (R) 10%
110 Colleen Madigan of Waterville (D) 90%
115 John Madigan of Rumford (D) 100%
136 Richard Malaby of Hancock (R) A A 20%
16 Donald Marean of Hollis (R) E E E 29%
151 Roland Martin of Sinclair (D) 100%
150 John Martin of Eagle Lake (D) 100%
56 Gina Mason of Lisbon (R) 10%
18 Anne-Marie Mastraccio of Sanford (D) 90%
148 David McCrea of Fort Fairfield (D) 90%
51 Joyce McCreight of Harpswell (D) 100%
149 Carol McElwee of Caribou (R) A 10%
27 Andrew McLean of Gorham (D) 90%
62 Gina Melaragno of Auburn (D) 100%
30 Kimberly Monaghan of Cape Elizabeth (D) 90%
38 Matthew Moonen of Portland (D) 100%
78 Catherine Nadeau of Winslow (D) 90%
5 Beth O'Connor of Berwick (R) 10%
15 Margaret O'Neil of Saco (D) 90%
23 Lester Ordway of Standish (R) A 10%
6 Jennifer Parker of South Berwick (D) 90%
10 Wayne Parry of Arundel (R) 10%
77 Michael Perkins of Oakland (R) A A A 10%
140 Anne Perry of Calais (D) E A 89%
108 John Picchiotti of Fairfield (R) 20%
116 Richard Pickett of Dixfield (R) 20%
53 Jeffrey Pierce of Dresden (R) A E 33%
44 Teresa Pierce of Falmouth (D) 90%
86 Matthew Pouliot of Augusta (R) 50%
17 Dwayne Prescott of Waterboro (R) 20%
31 Lois Reckitt of South Portland (D) A 90%
103 Roger Reed of Carmel (R) 0%
74 Christina Riley of Jay (D) A 80%
1 Deane Rykerson of Kittery (D) 100%
21 Heidi Sampson of Alfred (R) 20%
43 Heather Sanborn of Portland (D) 90%
88 Deborah Sanderson of Chelsea (R) E 0%
126 John Schneck of Bangor (D) A 80%
9 Stedman Seavey of Kennebunkport (R) 10%
64 Bettyann Sheats of Auburn (D) 100%
144 Roger Sherman of Hodgdon (R) 20%
91 Abden Simmons of Waldoboro (R) 20%
28 Heather Sirocki of Scarborough (R) 10%
112 Thomas Skolfield of Weld (R) 10%
92 John Spear of South Thomaston (D) 90%
143 Stephen Stanley of Medway (D) 90%
119 Paul Stearns of Guilford (R) A 30%
105 Joel Stetkis of Canaan (R) 0%
147 Harold Stewart of Presque Isle (R) 10%
106 Scott Strom of Pittsfield (R) 10%
95 Paula Sutton of Warren (R) 0%
39 Michael Sylvester of Portland (D) E 100%
40 Rachel Talbot Ross of Portland (D) 100%
54 Denise Tepler of Topsham (D) 100%
26 Maureen Terry of Gorham (D) 100%
79 Timothy Theriault of China (R) 30%
75 Jeffrey Timberlake of Turner (R) 20%
123 Ryan Tipping of Orono (D) E 100%
50 Ralph Tucker of Brunswick (D) 100%
139 William Tuell of East Machias (R) 30%
141 Beth Turner of Burlington (R) A 0%
29 Karen Vachon of Scarborough (R) 20%
70 Nathan Wadsworth of Hiram (R) 20%
104 Raymond Wallace of Dexter (R) 10%
131 Karleton Ward of Dedham (R) A A A 10%
84 Charlotte Warren of Hallowell (D) 90%
146 Dustin White of Washburn (R) 0%
71 Tom Winsor of Norway (R) 10%
57 Stephen Wood of Greene (R) 20%
96 Stanley Zeigler of Montville (D) 100%