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Support Maine Lobstering Union Member Ginny Olsen in Her Time of Need

Andy O’Brien
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Click here to support Ginny and her family

Below is a message from the Maine Lobstering Union:

When you imagine a typical Maine Lobsterman, the first image that typically springs to mind is not a tall woman with sandy blonde hair. There is nothing stereotypical about Virginia Olsen, known to everyone as Ginny, a 5th generation lobsterman from Deer Isle, Maine. With her spitfire personality and infectious laugh, she is always first in line and ready to stand up and fight for this industry, her fellow lobstermen, her friends, and her family.

Recently, our beloved friend Ginny received some devastating news: she has been diagnosed with cancer. Known for her spirit of generosity and unyielding support for others, Ginny has always been the first to step up, organize, and fundraise in times of need. But today, it's Ginny who needs our help.

Ginny is not just a friend; she is a cherished member of our community. A dedicated mother and wife, she puts the needs of her family first, balancing family duties with her own dreams and aspirations. As a friend, Ginny is always there to lend support, an ear, or a joke (or two). As a political advocate, Ginny uses her voice to champion the rights and interests of the Lobster Industry.

Now more than ever, Ginny needs our support, love, friendship, and prayers. She will be traveling to Boston for her treatment, facing what promises to be a drawn-out and costly battle against this disease. We know that Ginny's strength and resilience will carry her through this challenging time, but our hope is that this will help alleviate some of the financial burden she will face.

Any form of help—whether it's financial, emotional, or simply sharing words of encouragement—would be greatly appreciated during this difficult time. Together, we can help Ginny navigate this challenging journey. Let’s show up for the woman who always shows up for us!

Please share the Go Fund Me link below with your fellow union members and friends.

Click here to support Ginny and her family