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Machinists S6 Member Glenn Burroughs Reappointed to Workers’ Comp Board

Andy O’Brien
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Machinists Local S6 member Glenn Burroughs was reappointed for another term on the state Workers’ Compensation Board. By law, the Maine AFL-CIO submits a list of names of labor members to be considered for nomination to serve on the Labor seats on the Workers' Compensation Board. The board is charged with serving employers and employees fairly to ensure prompt delivery of benefits, settling disputes and facilitating smooth labor relations.

Maine AFL-CIO Legislative and Political Director Adam Goode testified at the confirmation hearing that Burroughs has a deep knowledge of issues and has a record of helping both Maine workers and their employers.

“Work in a shipyard can be dangerous. Glenn’s perspective as a rank-and-file union member and worker at Bath Iron Works brings perspective to the Board,” said Goode. “He knows that years of hard work building ships breaks a person’s body down. During his years of experience on the Board, he has translated this direct experience to a deep understanding of what all working people face when they do dangerous jobs, regardless of the sector."