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Food AND Medicine Peer Workforce Navigator (UAW) to Serve on USDOL Advisory Panel

Andy O'Brien
23 Feb, 2023
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Suzy Young, who works as Food AND Medicine’s peer workforce navigator, has been invited tojoin a national panel of five expert Navigators to advise the US Department of Labor on a study to determine the efficacy of the Navigator program with a goal to expand it for nationwide use.

“[Suzy’s] experience will be key to helping the USDOL’s study, and will see her identifying ways to tackle nationwide equity issues, meeting and learning from other types of navigators nationwide,” wrote Jack McKay, director of Food AND Medicine. “Suzy has the honor to be a part of this small group of experts that will shape the future of Navigator programs across the country. We are thrilled to see Suzy’s hard work and experience being recognized nationally.”

The Peer Workforce Navigator, a project funded by a grant from the Maine Department of Labor, consists of five organizations, including FAM and the Maine AFL-CIO, that connect workers to resources and supports they need to get a well-paying, secure job.

Navigators connect clients to resources for new jobs, apprenticeships and other job training programs, and unions or other places that are hiring. Funding for the program was later supplemented by a grant from the United States Department of Labor (USDOL). Navigators also help clients access resources like unemployment, MaineCare, SNAP, WIC, TANF, home energy and utility programs and General Assistance to ensure workers have the basic necessities to transition to careers.

If you or someone you know needs help finding a good union job, union apprenticeship program or other career opportunities, visit the Maine AFL-CIO peer work navigator page.