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Check it Out! New Video Featuring Searsport Resident Makes Case for an Offshore Wind Port

Andy O’Brien
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In a new videoreleased by the Maine Labor Climate Council and Maine AFL-CIO,  well-known Searsport resident Bud Rivers talks about the history of the region, how it’s changed and the potential that a new port facility has to create jobs and expand economic opportunity.

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Rivers, the former emergency management director for the town and a veteran of the US Navy, makes a compelling case for offshore wind and for a port to help build the new industry.

“Building an offshore wind port truly could be an economic engine for the town of Searsport,” Rivers says in the video. “A facility that’s using the port that has workers coming here to work, that has young people living here again so there's a reason to have a school. I want those kids to have a job when they get out of school. Right here. Right now. Living with their families.”

During the video, Rivers also talks about the impact that climate change is having on Searsport and the entire Midcoast Region and the need to take action now to develop sustainable sources of energy.

“One of the things I learned from my grandfather is when you’re talking about the land, we hold it in trust for those who come behind us,” Rivers says.

The video is the latest example of Searsport residents showing their support for offshore wind and a new port to support the development of the industry.

In April, supporters of a new port presented the Searsport Select Board with a petition with more than 100 signatures and spoke in favor of the development.

In February, Searsport resident and IBEW 1253 member Matt Pender spoke at a press conference with Gov. Janet Mills when she announced the administration recommendation for a location for the port.

“We love where we live, and we’re putting down roots,” Pender said. “For my daughter’s sake, I know that we need to do everything we can to fight back against climate change, and one of the best ways we can do that is to develop offshore wind energy. But I also know what it will mean to my community for there to be new, good-paying union jobs when we develop a new port to service offshore wind.”

In December, the Searsport Select Board adopted a resolution in support of a new offshore wind port in the town.

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