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Carpenters Union Holds Anti-Tax Fraud Demonstration on Tax Day in Topsham

Andy O’Brien
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Members of Carpenters Union Locals 349 and 352 held a demonstration at the Topsham Fair Mall on Monday to draw attention to the $8.5 billion a year in tax fraud committed by disreputable contractors. It’s estimated that at least one in five contractors commit federal tax fraud to cut costs and steal jobs from tax-paying businesses and their employees. The Carpenters held the event in Topsham to protest Metro Walls, described as "the biggest tax fraud drywall company in New England, which was hired by Sepella Construction to work on the Market Basket in Topsham.

Corrupt contractors pay workers off the books, or misclassify them as independent contractors when they are clearly employees. Misclassifying allows them to evade state, local, and federal employment taxes, so they can illegally lower their labor costs to underbid law-abiding competitors. As we wrote earlier this month, a new book explains the history of the business-led class war against construction workers and their unions to deregulate the industry and create a incentives for misclassification and undermine workers rights.

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