Bangor nurse returns from Puerto Rico

Bangor nurse Amy Lee Tidd, a member of Maine State Nurses Association, recently returned from a medical relief trip to Puerto Rico.

Along side union members from across the United States, Amy Lee brought medical care to thousands of Puerto Ricans who were effected by the devestating Hurricane Maria. Travel conditions were difficult and resources scarce. 

Upon return, Amy Lee said: "It's a disaster zone. Most everything is ruined. People are sill living without power and water anywhere. It's really hard to describe. We were running mobile clinics in remote villages that hadn't seen any response at all from anyone, FEMA, Government. The roads were impassable a lot of the times."

Check out this TV interview she did upon her return:

Amy Lee plans to return to Puerto Rico in February, where the need for medical care among people impacted by the Hurricane is still great.

Way to go, Amy Lee!