Tell Our Senators to Support the PRO Act

Maine Medical Center Nurses who just voted to form a union.

Brothers & sisters —

Currently, the US Senate is considering a critically important pro-labor bill, the PRO Act, which will dramatically improve the environment for labor organizing and help to rebuild the labor movement after 70 years of attacks from corporate interests. 

This is by far the strongest piece of pro-labor legislation in generations and it would prevent so much of the union busting we’ve recently seen during organizing campaigns at Maine Medical Center, Portland Museum of Art, Hospice of Southern Maine and at the Amazon warehouse in Alabama.

Can you fill out this form and send a message to our Senators to support the PRO ACT?!

PRO Act will:

  • Eliminate state right-to-work for less laws
  • Speed up union elections
  • Fine companies that engage in union busting and ban captive audience meetings
  • Award workers’ monetary compensation for damages when they are retaliated against for organizing
  • Crack down on worker misclassification 
  • Force employers to bargain in good faith in contract negotiations and create a process to secure a first contract
  • Repeal the prohibition on secondary boycotts & sympathy strikes
  • Prohibit employers from permanently replacing strikers

We are pleased that Congressman Jared Golden and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and Senator Angus King have all co-sponsored the PRO Act. 

We encourage you to fill out this form to send a letter to thank Senator Angus King, and to ask Senator Susan Collins to support this very important bill!

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