• House Votes to Protect the US Postal Service
  • Committee Passes Public Sector Right to Strike Bill
  • KVCAP Drivers Need Your Help!
  • “All Work And No Play” Exhibits Photos of Child Laborers in Maine
  • Wishing a Happy Retirement to John Martell (IAFF) & Dick Deering (IBEW)!


  • “They’re Just Drivers” — KVCAP Drivers Fight for Fair Contract
  • Coalition Supports Bill to Protect Rights at Work
  • Golden Hosts IAM Local S6 President at State of the Union
  • Critical Pro-Union Bill Passes the US House
  • Bowdoin Housekeepers Call for More Staff & Safer Working Conditions

Support for the labor movement is the highest in nearly half a century, yet only one in 10 workers are members of unions today. How can both be true?


  • Solidarity with Bowdoin Housekeepers 
  • Support the 17th Annual Solidarity Harvest for Mainers in Need
  • Celebrate a Union Thanksgiving
  • Waterville Firefighters & Union Allies Urge Support for Ambulance Purchases
  • Sign Up Now for Our 2020 Candidate Training — Jan. 25th & 26th
  • WABI-TV Operating Technicians Ratify 2-Year Contract with Pay Raises

Benjamin Dorsky, President of the Maine State Federation of Labor, AFL (left) greets George Jabar, President of the Maine State Industrial Council,

The Women’s Committee of The International Association Of Machinists Local S6 In Bath raised over $1,200 to support nonprofits addressing domestic violence during its 5th Annual Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Collection on October 25th.

Senator Ned Claxton