• Workers Turn Out for Responsible Contracting
  • This Saturday: Letter Carriers’ “Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive!”
  • Workers of Color Forming A. Philip Randolph Institute Chapter
  • IBEW Workers Win Significant Staffing Demands from CMP
  • Providing Retirement Security for Mental Health & Corrections Workers
  • Earned Time Bill Passes Legislature
  • Maine Labor History: A Jamaican Farmworker Strike

Patt Moon-Updike wanted to be a nurse since she was 9 years old.

Weekly Working Class Update


  • Workers turn out for public sector collective bargaining bill
  • Unemployment/Vacation Pay Bill Passes
  • Fairly Compensating Public Employees
  • Worker Safety Bills
  • Collective Bargaining Rights for Farm Workers
  • Eliminating Toxic Chemicals in the Workplace
  • Public Hearings Next week
  • Eastern Maine Labor Council Legislative Breakfast
  • Workers Memorial Day events
  • Maine Women’s Labor History

In this edition:

  • Augusta KVCAP Drivers for Union
  • The to fight to fully fund revenue sharing
  • Workers oppose proposed minimum wage cuts
  • Supporting state workers
  • Sign the NAFTA 2.0 petition
  • Maine Working Class History FB

Drivers Join Machinists Union to Improve their Jobs and Services they Provide to the Community

Maine AFL-CIO and Communications Workers of America Local 1400 are strongly supporting legislation aimed at preventing outsourcing and protecting good Maine jobs. LD 201, sponsored by Rep. Michelle Dunphy (D-Old Town), would make any employers who outsource call centers ineligible for state grants, loans or tax breaks for five years and they would require them to pay back any state tax benefits they previously received.

The Legislature’s Labor and Housing Committee will hear a number of bills on Monday, March 4th and Wednesday, March 6th to fix Maine’s workers’ compensation system.  The Committee meets in room 202 of the Cross State Office Building.

In this E-Newsletter:

  • Introducing our new communications director
  • Earned paid sick leave bill
  • Collective bargaining rights for teachers
  • Anti-outsourcing legislation
  • Non-compete clause bill
  • Gender pay equality
  • Workers compensation legislation

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