Sign up now for the Maine AFL-CIO 2020 Worker Candidate Training!

Brothers and Sisters -

Are you frustrated that politicians who are supposed to represent us end up voting against working families and our best interests? You’re not alone! Now more than ever we need people who understand what it's like to get up and go to work every morning to be elected to the State House, to City and Town Councils, and to School Boards.

That's why we are hosting our fifth Worker Candidate Training on January 25th and 26th in Augusta. If you know of anyone who would make a good candidate for the Legislature or a local office, please urge them to sign up! 

Click here to apply for our 2020 Worker Candidate Training

Union members at the Maine AFL-CIO 2018 Worker Candidate Training

We'll spend two days going over everything you need to know to run a campaign for elected office, from campaign planning and volunteer recruitment to knocking on doors, developing your message, clean elections, and all kinds of nuts and bolts of running for State Legislature or local office.

We ask that local unions sponsor members to attend at $100 per person to cover the cost of food and materials. Some scholarships are available, so please inquire as we don't want cost to be a barrier for participation.

You can submit an application for the training by clicking here

Please take a minute now to spread the word to your local union members. We need to elect more working people at all levels of government. If you are interested or just want to learn more, please email me back at [email protected] or give me a call at 622-9675!