Worker Candidate Training!

Stay tuned to this space for information about our next Worker Candidate Training in 2024!

It’s been proven time and again that in order to win important labor victories like stronger collective bargaining rights, living wages and affordable health care and tax fairness, we need more union members and working class allies making the decisions that affect us all. We know that union members make great candidates and will often carry labor's vision into elected office. Too often our elected officials are more concerned with passing anti-union laws or doling out massive tax breaks to the ultra wealthy than addressing the concerns of ordinary people.

At our Worker Candidate Trainings we spend two days going over everything you need to know to run a campaign for elected office. You’ll learn how to create a campaign plan, knock on doors, speak in public, qualify for Clean Elections funding, develop a message, build a team of volunteers, and other key aspects of campaigning. 

Who in your local would make a great candidate for elected office? Let us know!

 If you are interested or just want to learn more, please email me back at adam at maineaflcio dot org or give him a call at 207-991-7000!