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Protecting Unemployment Insurance


Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits are a lifeline, helping workers and their families by putting money in their pockets while they search for a new job.  At a time when jobs are scarce these benefits provide critical support to unemployed workers.  

Current Legislation: 

LD 1725, "An Act to Strengthen the Unemployment Insurance Laws and Reduce Unemployment Fraud," was introduced in 2012. Passage of LD 1725 would significantly weaken that lifeline in a number of ways. 

Specifically this bill would roll back changes that were made to the law in 2010 around vacation pay and unemployment insurance. 

You may remember two years ago that the Maine AFL-CIO and others worked hard to fix a problem in the unemployment insurance law. The problem was that workers who had unused vacation time on the books were penalized by having their unemployment check delayed. Their benefits were delayed week for week for each week of unused vacation time at the time of their layoff. That just wasn't fair. 

Luckily, the Legislature fixed that problem in 2010 and under current law, workers are no longer punished for having unused vacation time. Unfortunately, the Legislature is considering a bill that would rollback the law.  


More Resources: 

You can find a factsheet by clicking here. 

Take Action: 

 Contact your State Senator and State Representative and ask them to oppose LD 1725! 

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