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What we can win at the bargaining table, we can lose at the Capitol -- either in Augusta, Maine or Washington, D.C. That's one reason why the Maine AFL-CIO pays close attention to the political process. The Maine AFL-CIO works to represent the collective interests of its members, to protect existing worker rights and protections, and to advocate for expanded worker rights and protections. 

Find My Elected Official

Getting in touch with your elected officials is the best way for you to make a difference when it comes to standing up for workers' rights. It's easy. For more information on how to find out who represents you and for tips on talking with elected officials, click here. 

Scorecards of Legislative Votes

Part of our advocacy involves keeping track of how legislators vote on issues that important to workers. The Maine AFL-CIO produces a Legislative Scorecard for every Legislature. If you want to find out how your elected officials voted or browse through old scorecards, check out this section of our website

Endorsements for Office

Each year, the Maine AFL-CIO endorses candidates for elected office based on their stance on issues that are important to union members and working families, their voting record, and more. You can see a list of our current endorsements by clicking here

State Issues

Here in the state of Maine, the Maine AFL-CIO is keeping tabs on important issues and working to protect the rights of unions and workers. You can find more information on state issues here.  

Federal Issues

The Maine AFL-CIO also advocates for union members and workers on the federal level. You can find more on federal issues by clicking here.